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Clean Fuels

What if all cars ran on something cleaner than gasoline? Though there are some alternatives, most people still rely on gas to get them around. And that’s why we make the cleanest gasoline possible.

From our Refinery

We work hard at our refinery to ensure we produce gasoline in the cleanest ways possible. After being the first oil company to ever receive the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Air Excellence Award for removing 90% of the sulphur from our gasoline, we still continue to make improvements every day.

  • Praxair Partnership — For over a decade, carbon dioxide emissions from the refinery have been supplied to Praxair, a company that processes carbon dioxide for food-grade use and recycles it into products like carbonated beverages.
  • Dehexanizer Unit — Installation of the dehexanizer distillation column has been complete and is in full operation. This unit lowers the content of benzene levels in our gasoline by 30%. The project is a part of a $100 million investment for cleaner fuels for our community.
  • Fuel Gas Containment — During the Spring of 2011, we began this $60 million investment which will allow fuel gas to be recycled as an efficient energy source for other refinery units as well as fuel the production of heat or steam for the refining process.

To the Pump

Irving Clean fuels help reduce emissions by controlling the build up of deposits in your engine's intake valves and injectors so treat your engine and the environment to our fuel - Clean Regular, Clean Plus, Clean Supreme and Diesel.