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Improving Your Fuel Consumption

Making Every Drop Count!

There are plenty of ways to help save gas and the environment:  carpooling, public transit, biking to your destination, or even shopping online.  But when you need to be behind the wheel, keep these suggestions in mind!

  • When fueling up, get it right!  Be sure to use the right grade of gasoline.  Check your owner’s manual and if you don’t need premium – don’t buy it!  Most cars run just fine on regular.
  • Maintenance is a must!  Well maintained vehicles achieve the best fuel economy.  Routine maintenance like cleaning your air filters and keeping tires properly inflated can improve fuel costs by up to 13%. See Vehicle Maintenance Matters for more information.
  • Load your junk in the trunk!  Put your belongings inside your vehicle instead of loading up the roof rack.  This eliminates wind resistance and weight which improves fuel efficiency.
  • Tiny tips for at the pump!  Make sure your fuel cap is on tight to avoid leakage and don’t “top off” at the pump.
  • Don’t change – replace!  Don’t change tires out for a different make and model.  Instead, replace with the same type of tire that was on your vehicle when new. 
  • Don’t be fooled!  Beware of companies that offer mileage improving devices.  According to the EPA and Federal Trade Commission, no device will boost your mileage by any appreciable amount.