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Vehicle Maintenance Matters

Keep it in Tune

If your vehicle is not humming along, tune it up!  This basic step will always improve mileage, while fixing more complex issues, such as a faulty oxygen sensor, can help by as much as 40 percent!

Emissions Count

Fixing a vehicle that failed an emissions test can reportedly improve gas mileage by an average of four percent!

Talk about Tires isn’t just Hot Air

Under-inflated tires can decrease gas mileage by about three percent, so it’s worth the moment it takes to do a routine check.  Plus, properly inflated tires last longer!

When It Comes to Oil – Make the Grade!

When choosing motor oil, always use the manufacturer’s recommended grade to improve gas mileage by as much as two percent.  And, be sure to buy motor oil that states that it is “Energy Conserving” on the API performance symbol.  This means it contains additives that reduce friction.